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This book provides solutions and actionable steps along inspirational process and procedures to become financially sufficient individual. The book takes into cognizance certain steps required both spiritually, physically and emotionally to attain financial freedom even at old age by taking a look at essence of business succession planning and how to overcome the likely challenges usually face at the point by which there is need for succession in the business life cycle. It also, talk about power of emotional intelligence, imagination and thought to attaining financial freedom.

This book will be very useful to the following categories of people:

*    Business men and women who want to increase their level of financial freedom by keying into business succession plan for their business.

*    Employees who want to be free from rat race on time.

*    Employees who want to have business of their own without quitting paid employment.

*    Students who want to become financially literate before leaving school.

*    Those who are tired of working for money and now want money to start working for them.

*    Young people who want to embrace self-employment early in life.

*     Self-employed people who want to grow their sources of passive income apart from their active sources of income.

*    People in active employment who want to retire early

*    People in active employment who are nearing retirement age and want to double up their efforts towards preparation for the retirement.

*    People of all categories all over the world who desire financial freedom and independence.

*    Business men who want to see their business flourishing even after retiring or exit from their business enjoying seeing people playing the game well after their exit.

*    Churches, fellowships and other places of religious worship who want to educate members of their congregation on how to empower themselves to become financially free and sufficient.

*    Parents who want to inculcate the habit of savings and investment into their children early enough.


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Ibadan, Nigeria.

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