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Jane Adams was literarily born into the fast lane of life. Orphaned at age twelve, she was thrown into the care of her socialite Aunty, whose only currency for survival was Beauty. The beauty that made heads turn… and turned heads upside down… A phenomenal Beauty that emptied the pockets of men.

And with this “currency” Jane built her destiny to a towering height. Her job, her career, her relationship, and almost her marriage… all on the currency of beauty.

But suddenly in one fell swoop they all came crashing down. All that she ever owned and possessed… Broken and splintered into rubbles.

How does one begin to pick such rubbles to live again…? Of what use were rubbles to a once beautiful edifice…? Save for a painful piece of history…?

A Vessel from the Rubbles is a touching story of Christ’s redemptive power in the face of complete hopelessness.

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