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After I had graduated from high school, I wanted to go ahead and enter the university, but poverty was a stumbling block. After all, mum had no lucrative job and dad had passed on. When grandma was alive, she saw my eagerness for education and gave up most of her property to see me through school. Unfortunately, she died while I was in school and conflict arose over her property and we were told we had no right to what granny had left behind. It was a big blow! In the process of all these, I lost my vision; the future looked bleak and I could neither access nor assess it. I sought help everywhere; I even went to cultists to invoke money. But all efforts proved abortive.

This book highlights the steps cum principles that transformed my life; transforming insignificance to significance. I have written it with a great passion so that my readers may know that great success and feats can’t be achieved by sheer luck; rather, it must be achieved via the light which knowledge brings. 

If you think your life has no meaning and you are struggling to be relevant, it’s because you have not found purpose. If you profess to have a dream you are pursuing but you are not getting results, it’s not a sign to give up. What it simply means is that you have to do more.

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  • Ayobolanle Yusuf

    3 years ago

    This book is a sure guide for everyone on the path of success

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