Relationship; The Unequal and Opposite

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Nothing works well when any relationship is failing. One might struggle to make things work but the fact is that the other individual have a different way of thinking, different personality, temperament and entirely different angle of viewing matters. Just like dancing might appears like a lunatic display to another person who couldn't hear the sound of the music. It takes some level of efforts to build a relationship on a platform where things work out but not without challenges rather on challenges-resolving-based strategies. This book emphasized that every relationship is made of unequal and opposite persons. How do you keep any relationship from failure? How do you salvage a failed relationship? What are the clues to understanding differences in any relationship? Do we keep changing or forsaking a relationship if it's not working? or do we need to endure or tolerate the unbearable just to keep a relationship alive? These and several more questions have this book proffered a way forward.

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