Why Me?

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“Why me” are two words with unlimited applications. 

When things go wrong, one could feel like the least person deserving such. Phrases like, “Why do I deserve this?"  "This can’t be... and in short; why me?” And especially during this period of pandemic. Why now? Why us?

So basically, it is humane to cry out when in pain. That is the paradox of human being.  The next abstract question is ‘why me?’ “God, why did you allow this to happen to me? Why me of all people?” 

...of all people? 
Then who else? If not you, who could it have being? Maybe if we can ask ourselves 'who else?' perhaps we’d stop asking the 'why me' question. Should it be someone close? A friend maybe? Your loved ones? 

Funny enough, we don't ask the 'why me?' question when in solace - when things are going right.

Find the answer to this seemingly abstract question - why me? - in this timely ebook.

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  • Ayodele

    2 years ago

    "don't sit there asking 'why me?' at your challenges, beat your chest and say 'try me' instead" Wow!!! I'm blessed.

  • Tosin Ayantoyinbo

    2 years ago

    God bless the Author. I'm so blessed with this book. I can't wait to tell me friends.

  • Abayomi Olaitan

    2 years ago

    This is a great book, a must have for everyone journey through life.

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  • Ayodele

    2 years ago

    Timely and a must read Kudos